Writing Prompt #142 — Filth From Below

Prompt: The world is now essentially devoid of nature, making way for strange castle-like civilizations across the entirety of the Earth’s surface. Lately those near the bottom of these structures have been changing into horrific monstrous beings. Working their way up, feasting on those more fortunate.

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Writing Prompt #141 — What Happened to Ruby?

Prompt: After being missing for days, you’re happy when your farm dog finally returns. But something’s wrong. Ruby won’t eat, won’t play with her favorite toys, and the goats are scared of her. Then you get a call. “I’m sorry, but your dog’s dead. Found her in the woods. Something tore her to shreds.”

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“Time Stops in the Smoke” reprinted by Ladies of Fright!

My folk/weird horror story, originally published in Rejected: A Multi-Genre Fundraising Anthology (edited by Erin Crocker) and no longer in-print, “Time Stops in the Smoke” has been reprinted by Ladies of the Fright.

It has been revised since it’s initial publishing, and it’s available for free to read on their website.

Writing Prompt (1-100) Collections Out Now — Download For Free!

As of this writing, there have been over 125 writing prompts posted to the website, available for free to anyone who wants to read them. Now, the first hundred stories have been compiled into genre-specific collections, and made so they can be read on your preferred device. Mainly, this was done this for convenience sake.

All the stories have been revised, and most formats (.mobi, .epub, and .pdf) are available for free to anyone who wants them (if there’s a format you prefer that’s not available, please reach out through email and I’ll send it over).

You can find them below, and if you want to throw down a dollar or two for them, feel free to do so through my Ko-Fi.

Thank you to everyone whose read and supported any of my work, and even bigger thank you to anyone who chooses to donate.

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