Scary Snippets: Virtual Out Now!

Nocturnal Sirens Publishing‘s Scary Snippets: Virtual Edition is out now! Containing two dystopian, sci-fi flash pieces and one short story: “Premature Release”, “A Miracle or Curse”, and “Finding Humanity”.

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Books of Horror #2 — Out Now!

The Books of Horror Community Anthology was conceptualized with the idea that anyone that had a story to tell, should be given a platform to do so… Collected within this book are stories that span the wide genre that is Horror. Crack open the book and delve in, if you dare.

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Scary Snippets: Campfire Edition — Out Now!

Imagine you are alone. Surrounded on all sides by nothing but forest for as far as the eye can see. Then, you hear a sound. It is like nothing you have ever heard… Is it a wolf? A ghost? A stalker? A monster from another world? Or something far far worse?

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The Dark Frontier — Out Now!

There’s something sinister in the mountain, letting monsters loose upon the world. Civilization is collapsing; the lands are submerged in shadow. Soon, the darkness will consume the countryside, leaving but one path through the void – a path that cuts across the Dark Frontier.

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