Midnight Manuscripts Quarterly: Issue #1 — Out Now!

Midnight Manuscripts Quarterly: Issue #1 has been released! It contains ten short stories with a wide variety of horror, including my Lovecraftian/sci-fi story, “His Son, the Catalyst.”

A just turned 18-year-old son’s given his long lost father’s address from his mother, despite her reservations that his father will be welcoming. When he meets him, he’s eccentric, kind of strange, but his father all the same. He welcomes him into his home, and lets him stay the weekend, but unfortunately for him and eldritch powers, the son won’t around to see Monday.

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Books of Horror #2 — Out Now!

The Books of Horror Community Anthology was conceptualized with the idea that anyone that had a story to tell, should be given a platform to do so… Collected within this book are stories that span the wide genre that is Horror. Crack open the book and delve in, if you dare.

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Stormy Island Publishing’s Fear and Fables out Now!

Stormy Island Publishing’s horror anthology, Fear and Fables, has been released! It includes my Lovecraftian short story, “The Restricted Section.” A tale about a coffee barista who takes his breaks at the library, sitting near the the restricted section on the second floor. He starts to hear noises in the dark aisle and starts to become curious, worried, and soon, with a librarian in tow, discovers what’s in the restricted section.

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