Writing Prompt #50 — A Place Made from Coral and Sand

Prompt: Deep in the ocean where darkness reigns, life begins to mirror the surface. In the future, A submarine is built powerful enough to explore those depths. As a member of the crew, you experience first hand what that kind of environment does to a civilization.

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Pre-orders for The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales up now!

What was once A Collection of Short Weird Fiction has been changed to The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales. The title sounds better, plus it can be easily referenced as The Stone Man for short.

On sale now for $0.99 for Halloween!

Anyway! Onto the important part. It’s up for pre-order! You can pre-order it now for $2.99 (USD) on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dYyUIo. The book is set to release November 11, 2016. It’s for fans of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, William Hodgson, and Stephen King.

Any purchases are immensely appreciated. And, if there are any reviewers (YouTube, Blog, etc) that enjoy weird fiction or horror, please contact me via Twitter or email (themicahcastle@gmail.com) for an early review copy!

Looking for Beta Readers!


Currently looking for beta readers for my collection of short stories, which I plan to release late 2016. It’s seven stories, two of which around 5K, others below that length, and even some are less than 1.5K. They’d be classified as weird fiction and Lovecraftian, so if you enjoy those genres, then this is for you.

Looking for any type of feedback. If you can only read one or two stories, and offer feedback, that’d be helpful as well.

Let me know if you’re interested by contacting me via Twitter (@iwritepoorly) or email (iwritepoorly@gmail.com)! If you could provide your email, I can send it to you in a .zip file, or better yet, a link to a Google Doc! Names of beta readers will be included in the “Thanks to:” page of the finished book.

Thank you,

Micah C.