Writing Prompt #139 — Rummaged Within

Prompt: Your boss is firing you, it seems that they don’t appreciate you befriending the creatures they keep in the science facility, don’t want you to have any attachments they said. Last day of the job you decide that you might as well let your friends out of their cages.

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Writing Prompt (1-100) Collections Out Now — Download For Free!

As of this writing, there have been over 125 writing prompts posted to the website, available for free to anyone who wants to read them. Now, the first hundred stories have been compiled into genre-specific collections, and made so they can be read on your preferred device. Mainly, this was done this for convenience sake.

All the stories have been revised, and most formats (.mobi, .epub, and .pdf) are available for free to anyone who wants them (if there’s a format you prefer that’s not available, please reach out through email and I’ll send it over).

You can find them below, and if you want to throw down a dollar or two for them, feel free to do so through my Ko-Fi.

Thank you to everyone whose read and supported any of my work, and even bigger thank you to anyone who chooses to donate.

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Writing Prompt #135 — Wood Replacing Bone

Prompt: The US has developed advanced seed bombs that produce full sized plants, vines, and trees only seconds after impact. They were developed to fight deforestation. They’re now being unleashed on all major cities. You’re fighting to survive as the seed bombs rain down and dense forests appears

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Writing Prompt #128 — The Age Old Question

Prompt: I manufacture clones for a living. It’s a fun job, and some of my own help me out here. I find it a funny how they all call me “dad” despite “being” me, but I’d be lying if I didn’t consider them my own. B76 is having some trouble after the “Where did I come from?” talk, though.

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Writing Prompt #125 — She Knows Everything

Prompt: A group of apocalypse survivors hunker down in an old suburban home to ride out a storm. There is a knock at the door. On the front step is an Amazon package with a note apologizing for the late delivery. Inside the package is something that will tear the group apart as they fight over it.

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Writing Prompt #123 — Wiping the Slate Clean

Prompt: You wake up. Short of breath, your head pounding. You see bright lights all around you. And then a glass enclosure. A rather well-dressed humanoid enters the room, leading smaller humanoids along with it. “And this little guy is our most recently revived, he was born over 32,000 years ago.”

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