Writing Prompt #97 — Persecution of the Abnormalities

Prompt: Aliens are stunned by the thought of “Therapists” and “therapy”. No other species has ever thought about solving individual problems together and as such most aliens believe that this is a trait unique to humans and have begun abducting random humans to deal with their emotional baggage.

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CultureCult Magazine: Monsoon Out Now!

CultureCult Magazine: Monsoon is out now! It includes my science fiction novelette, “Three White Demons” (originally self-published in The Abyss Beyond the Reflection)!

It also includes stories by Jared Morningstar, Patricia Evans, and Victor Andres Parra Avellaneda, poetry by a widespread of authors, and non-fiction articles from Elliot Newbold, Shraddha Madhogaria, and Parvathy Menon.

Purchase Monsoon on Amazon now: Kindle / Paperback / Paperback (UK)