Review: The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyn Kiste

Gwendolyn Kiste’s Bram Stoker award-winning debut novel The Rust Maidens (published by Trepidatio Publishing) is a book, at its core, about life, stubbornness, blame, growth and acceptance, weaved in a such a wonderful way that it’s more than what it truly is: an amazing, engrossing weird fiction story.

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Review: The Writhing Skies by Betty Rocksteady

Betty Rocksteady’s novella The Writhing Skies (published by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing) is a short, dread-inducing explosion of hauntingly bizarre — some sexual, some not — occurrences happening simultaneously, leaving you wondering — in a good way — by the end of the story: What the hell did I just read?

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Bleached Butterfly Vol. 1:1 Out Now!

Bleached Butterfly Vol. 1:1 is out now, and can be read, for free, on their website. It is brimming with a variety of stories: from horror to science fiction, to supernatural to fantasy. In particular, this volume contains my short, weird story, “Into the Trees.”

If you have time to spare, give it a read. You have nothing to lose!

Interview with Kendall Reviews!

In celebration of the one year anniversary of The Abyss Beyond the Reflection, I got in contact with Kendall Reviews and did a little interview for his website (which you should check out!). Also, for the next seven days, The Abyss Beyond the Reflection can be purchased for $0.99 on Amazon!

Read the interview HERE!

Purchase The Abyss Beyond the Reflection for just $0.99 HERE!

“America’s Emerging Suspense Writers” Out Now!

Z Publishing House has released their collection America’s Emerging Suspense Writers: Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania today, including my story, “The Children of the Woods.”

You can purchase America’s Emerging Suspense Writers through their website (if you use this URL, I will kickback from your purchase!) or Amazon.

Review: Sefira and Other Betrayals by John Langan

John Langan’s newest collection, Sefira & Other Betrayals (published by Hippocampus Press) intertwines literary fiction with mythological gods and demonic deities, with a dabble of weird, providing readers with a fantastic collection.

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