Review: She Said Destroy by Nadia Bulkin

It’s almost mad to think She Said Destroy is Bulkin’s debut collection with how great the stories are. This collection is filled with weird fiction, and fueled by horror and socio-political stories.

I simply can’t wait for Bulkin’s next collection.

While every story within are good, there are some that stood out the most: “Red Goat, Black Goat,” “Seven Minutes in Heaven,” “Girl, I Love You,” “Violet is the Color of Your Energy,” “Absolute Zero,” and “No Gods, No Masters.”

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“The Temple of Rebirth” out today through Havok Publishing!

My first weird/fantasy story has been published today through Havok Publishing. It can be read, for free, on their website HERE for the first 24-hours (it then becomes a part of their member-only website). If you enjoy the story, please consider registering on their site, and voting on the story, which gives me a chance to be published in their anthology.


Writing Prompt #50 — A Place Made from Coral and Sand

Prompt: Deep in the ocean where darkness reigns, life begins to mirror the surface. In the future, A submarine is built powerful enough to explore those depths. As a member of the crew, you experience first hand what that kind of environment does to a civilization.

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Writing Prompt #49 — Through Fire There’s Rebirth

Prompt: You’ve recently moved to a beautiful home nestled in the woods. No neighbors for miles. Three nights ago, you woke in the middle of the night to discover strange music coming from deep within the woods. Each night since, same music at the same time. Tonight you decide to find the source.

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Writing Prompt #36 — Reading From Below

Prompt: When looking through the local library, you accidentally flip a switch and a book pops up. You grab it. It has no title, but you grab it and take it home. Little did you know, there was a title: The Soul Trap. When you get home, you open the book. 

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